What to write

The fountain in my backyard doesn’t sound like it used to, it used to have a pleasant dripping water fountain sound, a hum almost, now, it’s old and it’s lost some of its life and it just sounds like someone peeing into a pond.


The smoke is bad in Boise these days, we have fires surrounding us, and when the wind blows right, or doesn’t blow at all, the smoke settles over us in a smoggy blanket and the oppression of the summer heat becomes unbearable and I dream of driving east or west, as far as I have to until I find continuous blue sky that touches the earth and doesn’t become a hazy shade of harassment.


Painters are wonderful folks. Each with their own different flare, their own expression, their own style, their own…painters have something all their own that cause them to stand out from the crowd.  I love that.  In Europe, struggling painters sell their goods on the streets.  For instance, if you go to Rome, you can find tourist attractions clogged with painters selling their quick impressions of the Colosseum; in Venice, the canals; in Florence The Ponte Vecchio.  The trick is to find the art you like, that sings to your soul and buy it, collect it.  But the thing that I love the most about art is the definition itself.  What is art?  If you staple  your sandwich to a canvas, is it art?  Yes.  But why?  Sometimes I feel that art isn’t so much in the work itself, but in the working definition.


Bananas, eggs, milk, chicken, fruit snacks, cereal, sour cream, salami, bread, mushrooms, cheese, jello, lunch meat, hoagie rolls, cream of mushroom soup, peas, trash bags, dish soap, laundry soap, brillo pads,


Have you ever noticed how…


Today, on Aug 31, Caligula was born. (Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, aka the Roman emperor Caligula.)  Richard Gere was born today too.  I wonder, if you go back and make some sort of study of people born on the same day of the year, under the same Chinese animal signs and align them that way, so all of their horoscope-al things are the same…even hundreds of years apart, would they be apt to repeat the same sorts of behavior?


The community education classes this fall in Boise are offering a beginning archeology class.  Sometimes when I watch the Indiana Jones movies, I worry I went into the wrong field of study in this life.


Dishes, set up bill pay for power bill, buy birthday card, wash sheets, sweep, mop, don’t forget diapers at store, call Jen-change time we meet, make cookies, find missing cookie sheet, clean mirror in bathroom, get annoying app that pops up every 5 min off phone, change ring tone, find phone, buy more espresso, load coffee card, switch laundry, buy dryer sheets…


Good morning my faithful readers, as you can see, I’m having a difficult time trying to figure out what I want to mindlessly ramble on about lately.  So I figure a glimpse into my tangent thinking of figuring out what I want to write about would be…



One thought on “What to write

  1. Hehehe love it! Do not drive east or west, drive South and to the west a bit 😉
    i love your horoscope analysis – that would be interesting research to read(notice i said read – i do not want to do the research!)

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